Sales and Sales Management Training from TopLine Leadership

Since 1989, TopLine Leadership has provided custom sales training and sales management development programs. We serve clients from diverse sectors. Our sales training clients want a new approach to consultative selling,that of selling based on how their customers buy. Our clients want their salespeople to sell in a way that’s much different than how their … Read full article

Excerpt from the Sales Book Slow Down Sell Faster

Recently I was retained by a regional VP of sales for a large financial institution to evaluate the effectiveness of his team’s sale of investment advisory services provided to high-net-worth customers. He asked me to be a “mystery shopper,” and at his request, I met with one of his salespeople while posing as a high-net-worth … Read full article

Slow Down Sell Faster Book Reviews Top 500 Reviewer: John Chancellor says… “In a number of ways this book takes a counterintuitive approach to selling. But as you read and understand the concepts behind Slow Down, Sell Faster you realize this approach is much more effective. The book is extremely well written and very easy to read.” Additional Reader Reviews … Read full article

Six Questions to Ask in a Business to Business Sales Negotiation

Any time you feel pressure, start asking questions. We’ve developed an effective sequence of questions (below) that can help you explore the thinking behind any demands your customer makes. These questions will also help you gather new information that can put you in a better position to address the customer’s needs. Plus, asking questions of … Read full article

Maximize Your Sales Potential

To maximize your sales potential, you must work hard at creating satisfied customers. By defining and shaping your customers’ expectations, you create a benchmark against which your customers can measure success. Also, you “freeze” your customers’ expectations, at least for awhile, and prevent those expectations from rising. Finally, you give yourself and your teammates a … Read full article

Asking for Commitment in Business to Business Sales

Three Powerful Ways to Ask for Commitment When you’re sure all the issues have been resolved, ask for the buyer’s business. You’ve earned their trust, helped with their recognition of needs, and proven that you and your solution are best. Chances are, your buyer is waiting for you to ask for the business, and you … Read full article

Choose the Appropriate Sales Strategy Early

I’ve seen a lot of salespeople try a Reverse play or start maneuvering for a small piece of the overall solution. Most of the time they fail. Why? Because they wait until it’s too late, until after the prospect has essentially made a decision not in their favor. The way to win with our Slow … Read full article

Slow Down Sell Faster a New Sales Book

Publication Date: January, 2011 Do your salespeople make this mistake? When a new prospect initiates a call to a salesperson, many salespeople fail to ask one of the most important questions of that prospect: “What steps have you taken thus far in your decision-making process?” It is vitally important for the salesperson to learn what … Read full article

Slow Down, Sell Faster! New Sales Book

Sales Mistake #4 – Being a solution “expert” too soon. Do your salespeople make this mistake? Ironically, salespeople are often passive while the customer is defining their needs but then suddenly become a vocal “expert” while explaining their solution. Such salespeople assume the customer will see it as a perfect fit, which is unlikely. This, … Read full article