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Solve these problems:

  • Sales managers failing to hold their salespeople accountable for their commitments
  • Sales teams losing deals your company should have won
  • Sales managers overwhelmed by distractions, moving from crisis to crisis with no time for coaching salespeople
  • Sales managers have no consistent process for improving salespeople
  • Slow ramp-up of new-hires and/or sales turnover too high
  • Sales managers struggling to achieve consistent sales growth
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As the head of sales, you have a clear vision of what you need your company’s salespeople to be doing to drive profitable growth. But there’s a missing link between your executive vision and how your sales managers are implementing it. Your sales managers directly impact what your salespeople sell, how they sell, and to whom they sell.

If you have frustrations with your salespeople, the problem may lie in a lack of key skills by your sales managers.

What if your sales managers were more focused on developing their teams and driving revenue?

Every leader has a “mindset” that operates in the background, just beyond full awareness. That mindset sets the foundation for our daily decisions and actions – for better or for worse.

Imagine that your sales managers possessed the leadership mindset that led to a laser-like focus on only those tasks that drive revenue or improve salespeople.

Imagine sales managers who have high expectations and hold salespeople accountable for excellent performance.

They take the time to understand each salesperson’s development needs. They are people builders.

Imagine having sales managers who are better at hiring and onboarding, so you get more competent salespeople who ramp-up faster. They can retain top talent because they coach and motivate salespeople in a way that works best for each salesperson.

They don’t just manage the end of a pipeline, they coach salespeople all along the sales process—leading to larger deals and higher win rates.

Imagine a team of sales managers that is able to maintain a positive work environment, even in today’s world where most contact with salespeople is virtual. They stay focused on priorities because they make a tactical plan. Above all, they don’t just hit their numbers—they provide inspired leadership to their teams.

Introducing The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness

Our new online sales management training is the program every sales manager needs to immediately increase effectiveness and drive sales growth.

The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness is a comprehensive program that will upskill your sales managers so they can be more effective team leaders who can execute your vision and achieve consistent sales growth.

Learn how to help your stressed-out sales managers make the leap to great sales leaders.

The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness covers the full range of skills and leadership abilities needed to turn high-performing salespeople into great sales managers.

Show your sales managers you are investing in them!

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Training Program Highlights

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Building leadership mentality

Develops key leadership mindsets that pave the way for sales managers to better apply themselves toward the difficult tasks of influencing others and improving salespeople.
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Taking control of time and priorities

How sales managers can stop wasting time on unproductive tasks so they have more time to coach and communicate with salespeople.
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Increasing accountability for excellence

Provides a consistent process for improving salespeople. First, identify your “skill” and “will” standards of salesperson excellence. Then clearly communicate those standards to each salesperson; and identify what each salesperson needs to do to get better.
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Hiring the best

Develop a playbook for hiring the best sales candidates. Learn important clues during the interview process to avoid hiring toxic people.
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Coaching for revenue growth

Shape more impactful conversations, including; pre-call strategizing to improve win rates, pipeline coaching for more accurate forecasts, skill development coaching that builds loyalty, 1-on-1 performance reviews that foster team accountability, buy-cycle coaching.

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Motivating salespeople

Especially now, sales managers have to know how to inspire each sales rep to work harder, without face-to-face supervision. Our sales management training program provides specific strategies on how to motivate salespeople, fix a rep’s attitude problem, resolve issues with troubled talent, and effectively confront a problem performer.
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Tactical implementation

Each sales manager makes a personal team development plan that targets the skills and tools provided in this sales management training program, focused on the priority obstacles each sales manager identifies.
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Mastering the art of remote sales management

It’s highly unlikely that sales and sales management will ever return to the level of in-person contact that used to be the norm. Sales managers need to be much more disciplined about what they communicate to their salespeople, and develop a rhythm to their weekly calendars that provides specific and actionable guidance to every salesperson.

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Implement a sales management training initiative that is easy for your sales managers to digest. This won’t disrupt their current duties.

How is this sales management training different?
Let us show you…

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Self-paced instruction

This program is divided into 36 lessons, each lasting a little over 8 minutes on average. Sales managers can complete these lessons at their own pace, on their own time.

Guided facilitation for groups

Facilitated review sessions maximize learning and enable sharing of best practices. Supported by the program creator, Kevin F. Davis or your internal trainer.

Tools for ongoing sustainment

18 application tools included in this sales management training program makes this program easy to use, and tools your sales managers can immediately apply.

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