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9Jan, 18

Three Essentials for Correcting Poor Sales Rep Performance

Successful sales managers do not tolerate mediocrity. They set clear performance standards for salespeople, and then effectively apply those standards to correct poor sales performance. Unsuccessful sales managers and successful sales managers are different in one important way: when unsuccessful managers become aware of poor sales rep performance, they take no action. By doing nothing managers are, in effect, communicating to everybody on the team that poor performance is acceptable. This [...]

2Jan, 18

How To Become A Better Observer of Sales Rep Performance

One of my mantras when working with sales managers is “prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.” And diagnosis takes observation. That is, you cannot provide effective sales coaching if all you have to go on is your conversations with a rep or their monthly sales reports. To correctly diagnosis performance issues, you need to observe a sales rep “in the field”—whatever that means for your organization. It could be doing [...]

19Dec, 17

A Coaching Pep Talk From a Busy Sales Manager To Himself

“Yesterday was just kind of a crazy day,” the sales manager said to me. “We were getting ready for a big client meeting, and I felt like I was playing whack-a-mole all day. I was on a conference call in the morning when a sales rep texted me. I texted her back saying I was in a meeting and would call her later.

12Dec, 17

Confessions of an Overly Helpful Sales Manager

“Let me help you with this.” That’s the temptation that sales managers face when they are out in the field with a rep. You see or anticipate that they are going astray, so you say, “Let me help. Let me step in. I’ll lead this conversation. I’ll close the deal.”

5Dec, 17

How To Motivate Sales Reps That Are Already Performing Well

One of the trickiest times in sales coaching is when sales reps have been on your team for a few months. They’re starting to get a handle on how your process works, how to connect with customers, and how to value-sell your offerings. They are starting to produce results.

28Nov, 17

Two Surprising Ways Sales Managers Can Become More Productive

I recently ran across an article in Forbes from January 2016 called “15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently.” It was written by Kevin Kruse, based on 200 interviews he’d done with what he called “ultra-productive” people, including famous billionaires and business leaders.

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