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Rapid, Successful Onboarding of New Sales Hires

I mentioned in a recent blog that many experts are predicting the turnover of salespeople to pick up now that the pandemic is easing. That means sales managers have to hone their ability to identify and hire more top candidates, and then create a successful plan for onboarding new sales hires. Here are three tips for rapid, successful onboarding of new salespeople: Be specific and detailed about what a “good [...]

5 Ways to Measure the Performance of a Sales Manager

This article provides specific and practical techniques for measuring the performance of your company’s sales managers. Perhaps no position in the sales organization has less accountability than the sales manager position—in part because many companies don’t know how to measure sales manager performance. For example, the primary (and sometimes only) metric most companies use to measure sales managers is “team sales results.” But that’s a mistake. Why? Because when a [...]

Building a Winning Sales Organization in 2021

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time for sales managers to make plans to achieve breakthrough sales performance in 2021. One year ago you had strategies for success, but then the pandemic hit, and everything changed. Like everyone else, you probably spent the year “dancing on a shifting carpet” to make your numbers. While the carpet may still be shifting, there are six steps you can take [...]

5 Sales Coaching Strategies for Maximizing 2020 Sales

Read this article to discover 5 sales coaching strategies for maximizing  2020 sales. Good, structured sales coaching has been found to increase win-rates by as much as 30%. High-quality sales coaching helps your salespeople better understand each sales opportunity, identify gaps in their thinking or approach, and develop more skillful plans of action. Here are 5 sales coaching strategies that are especially meaningful and relevant to sales managers in Q4. [...]

Do Sales Managers Discriminate When Hiring Reps for “Cultural Fit?”

Surveys have found that 82% of managers worldwide consider culture fit one of their top priorities when hiring people. That matches my own experiences, leading me to this question: do sales managers unknowingly discriminate when hiring reps for culture fit? So I was intrigued when I recently read an article by Lauren Rivera, professor of Management & Organizations at Northwestern/Kellogg, in which she states that the way most managers use [...]

How Remote Sales Managers Can Avoid Destroying Team Morale

For remote sales managers, this article describes three things you can do to improve the quality of your remote sales coaching. Better quality sales coaching is the key to improving your team's morale. One of the biggest fears that salespeople have with a remote sales manager is the fear of being micromanaged. According to the Harvard Business Review, a primary reason that managers micromanage is they want to feel more connected [...]

Book Review: “Selling is Hard, Buying is Harder”

"Selling is Hard, Buying is Harder" by Garin Hess. A counter-intuitive sales book that delivers solid how-to’s According to author Garin Hess, the key to success in sales is for salespeople to take charge of the buying process in order to help your customer sell for you. That’s a real role reversal. This book shares practical tips on how to identify a powerful “Champion” or “Mobilizer” as per Challenger Sale, [...]

3 Tips for Hiring A Coachable Salesperson

This article describes how to hire a coachable salesperson. Here are the tangible qualities that sales managers should look for during the interview process to accurately predict whether or not a sales candidate will be coachable. When hiring a salesperson, sales managers are increasingly telling me that they’re paying more attention to “coachability” — mostly because they’re tired of dealing with sales reps who refuse to listen to their advice. [...]

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