Where Results-Oriented Sales Managers Go Wrong

Should sales managers focus on results? Absolutely, but problems with sales teams arise when sales managers focus ONLY on results rather than observing and improving the inputs of the sales process. Sales results are an inescapable metric of the sales profession. But sales managers who want their teams to improve results have to pay attention … Read full article

5 Sales Coaching Strategies for Maximizing Sales Results

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This article provides five sales coaching strategies designed to maximize your team’s sales results.  Good, structured sales coaching has been found to increase your team’s win-rate by as much as 30%! High quality sales coaching helps your salespeople better understand each sales opportunity, identify gaps in their thinking or approach, and develop more skillful plans … Read full article

3 Obstacles to Installing a Sales Coaching Culture

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With the Great Resignation happening in today’s business, where many people have quit their sales jobs, sales organizations have to hire more salespeople and often accept candidates with less experience than past hires. New salespeople, especially those with only a year or two of experience, need more guidance and structure as they try to learn … Read full article

Why Online Sales Training is Better than In-person

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This article provides six reasons why online sales training is better than in-person training for improving sales performance. Any company considering a sales training program in 2022 should read this article. Over the past months, sales organizations of all sizes have experienced an increasing number of salespeople who quit. As a company’s number of salespeople … Read full article

Rapid, Successful Onboarding of New Sales Hires

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I mentioned in a recent blog that many experts are predicting the turnover of salespeople to pick up now that the pandemic is easing. That means sales managers have to hone their ability to identify and hire more top candidates, and then create a successful plan for onboarding new sales hires. Here are three tips … Read full article

5 Ways to Measure the Performance of a Sales Manager

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This article provides specific and practical techniques for measuring the performance of your company’s sales managers. Perhaps no position in the sales organization has less accountability than the sales manager position—in part because many companies don’t know how to measure sales manager performance. For example, the primary (and sometimes only) metric most companies use to … Read full article

Building a Winning Sales Organization in 2021

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The beginning of the new year is the perfect time for sales managers to make plans to achieve breakthrough sales performance in 2021. One year ago you had strategies for success, but then the pandemic hit, and everything changed. Like everyone else, you probably spent the year “dancing on a shifting carpet” to make your … Read full article