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15May, 19

3 Mindset Changes New Sales Managers Must Make

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There is no more difficult career transition than that which occurs when a salesperson becomes a new sales manager. Overnight, the salesperson has gone from being in control of his or her own destiny, to having his/her performance completely defined by the performance of others. This is a stressful time for new sales managers. Senior leadership is asking you, "Where are your team's results?" And as you start to work along [...]

16Apr, 19

Book Review: “The Perfect Close Workbook” By James Muir

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“The Perfect Close Workbook” by James Muir provides a deep dive into one of the most important selling skills: how to conclude each meeting with an agreed-upon next-step that your buyer is strongly bought in to. When I started my career in sales I was taught to ask for the maximum level of customer action commitment at the end of each meeting. For example, “Can we schedule a demonstration?” The [...]

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