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7Jul, 20

3 Tips for Hiring A Coachable Salesperson

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This article describes how to hire a coachable salesperson. Here are the tangible qualities that sales managers should look for during the interview process to accurately predict whether or not a sales candidate will be coachable. When hiring a salesperson, sales managers are increasingly telling me that they’re paying more attention to “coachability” — mostly because they’re tired of dealing with sales reps who refuse to listen to their advice. [...]

20May, 20

Great Sales Managers Answer “Yes!” To These 4 Questions

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This article provides four questions that you can ask a sales manager to quickly judge if he or she is a great sales manager, or not. If you currently are a sales manager, ask yourself these four questions to assess your own sales management skills and areas for improvement. Do all of your salespeople implement your coaching suggestions? Recently a sales manager told me that he was extremely frustrated by [...]

3Feb, 20

7 Powerful Sales Questions for Winning More Deals

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This article provides seven powerful sales questions along with the reasons why you should ask them. These questions can help you expand customer needs, shift your prospect’s focus from price to value and improve your understanding of the buyer’s thinking. The questions you ask your prospects are more important than anything you say. Here are seven powerful sales questions to help you win every deal.  “In addition to price, what [...]

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