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5Apr, 18

Sales Coaching Tips: Building a More Customer-Focused Sales Team

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I have a challenge for you. The next time you’re talking with your salespeople, ask them to describe the steps of your company’s sales process. Chances are, most of them will have an answer. Then ask, “What are the steps of a customer’s buying process?” If your company is like many others, the odds are good all you’ll see what I call the “dead fish look.” That’s because even [...]

19Feb, 18

Coaching Sales Reps to Reach Higher-Level Decision Makers

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A common complaint I hear from sales managers is that their sales reps are stuck selling to low-level decision makers: supervisors, purchasing agents, clerks. People at those levels are often concerned only about price. Coaching sales reps to reach higher-level decision makers will make closing the sale more attainable

22Jan, 18

Book Review for “The Cadence of Excellence” by Matt McDarby

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Matt McDarby's new book,  "The Cadence of Excellence",  is an outstanding book that every sales manager – and those who manage sales managers – should read. The book includes many real-life examples of leading companies that have refocused their sales managers toward a new, early stage and value-creating operating system.

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