Our sales management training program — Sales Coaching & Leadership — delivers a core framework for leading, coaching, motivating, and managing the performance of a sales team. We have 20 years of experience delivering this program as a customized workshop and reinforcement program.

Sales Management Training - Topline Leadership

Our Holistic Approach to Sales Management Training

What sets our program apart is the attention paid to overcoming the barriers that keep sales managers from implementing what they are taught. Sales managers must change their mindset before they can be effective at changing their habits and practices.

Our Sales Coaching & Leadership program helps improve sales team performance by:

  • Transforming how sales managers view their responsibilities
  • Providing your sales managers with a commonsense approach to coaching for revenue growth
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In this podcast segment Kevin F. Davis, President of TopLine Leadership & Brian G. Burns, show host, discuss sales coaching & leadership.


The Sales Coaching & Leadership program creates a more consistent system for all sales managers.

The program helps all sales managers — whether rookie or seasoned vet — recognize that leading a sales team requires a completely different mindset from selling. Every participant leaves with a strategic action plan they develop that will help them:

  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • Fix the 8 sales rep instincts that hinder sales management effectiveness
  • Improve their sales coaching skills
  • Help them focus on coaching practices linked to revenue growth
  • Identify high-payoff coaching candidates
  • Increase win rates and raise forecast accuracy by implementing a buying-focused sales funnel
  • Develop and enforce standards of excellence, not just minimum levels of sales performance
  • Diagnose performance issues
  • Confront under-performers and coach troubled talent
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Boost team morale and energize their team

Why this Program Works

This program helps managers become true sales team leaders. Here is why it works:

  • Proven & measured results – Many months after our sales management training program, our clients have measured results. Read these success stories.
  • Content match – every portion of the program connects with a problem your sales managers know they face every day. View the sales management problems we solve.
  • Tools – a total of 19 application tools that can be customized. These tools provide managers with the support they need to implement immediately.
  • Robust reinforcement program – includes eLearning, webinars, a refresher workshop, and instructor-led coaching.
  • Expert delivery – experienced instructors who can field real-world questions.
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The Sales Manager's Guide to Greatness

Participants also receive a copy of Amazon bestseller, The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness by Kevin F. Davis (available as hard copy, ebook, or audiobook).

You can sample Chapter 1: Embrace a Leadership Mindset for free. Download and print from the PDF, or load the audiobook onto your favorite device to listen.


The TopLine Sales Coaching & Leadership course is the most complete and coherent sales management training I have seen after 25 years in the telecommunications industry. The content is excellent, their delivery is top shelf, and the tools and follow-up ensure proof of learning and adoption.

– Mark O'Leary, Division Vice President, Enterprise Business Services, Comcast Business

Sales Management Training Workshop

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