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Make Your Sales Managers Great Coaches & Team Leaders

Are your sales managers struggling to achieve consistent sales growth?

  • Are your sales teams losing deals your company should have won?
  • Are your sales managers overwhelmed by distractions, moving from crisis to crisis with no time for coaching or developing salespeople?
  • Are your sales managers failing to hold their salespeople accountable for their commitments?
  • Do you feel there’s no consistent process for improving salespeople?
  • Tired of signing exit forms for salespeople who leave your company?

As the head of sales, you have a clear vision of what you need your company’s salespeople to be doing to drive profitable growth. But there’s a missing link between your vision and how sales managers are implementing it.

Your sales managers directly impact what your salespeople sell, how they sell, and to whom they sell. So if you have frustrations with your salespeople, the problem may lie in a lack of key skills by your sales managers.

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What if your sales managers were more focused on developing their teams and driving revenue?

Imagine having sales managers who have a laser-like focus on things that drive revenue. They have high expectations and they hold salespeople accountable for performing the types of activities that you expect from salespeople.

They take the time to understand what each salesperson needs to learn and do to get better. They know each salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses because they hold frequent developmental discussions with salespeople. They are people builders.

Envision a team of sales managers who are better at hiring and onboarding, so you get more competent salespeople on your teams. They can retain top talent because they coach and motivate salespeople in a way that works best for each salesperson. They don’t just manage a pipeline, they proactively coach salespeople as important deals move through the pipeline—leading to larger deals and higher win rates.

Imagine sales managers who are able to maintain a positive work environment, even in today’s world where most contact with salespeople is virtual. They can stay focused because they have a plan, and they are confidently working their plan. Above all, they don’t just hit their numbers —they provide inspired leadership to their teams.

Introducing The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness

Our new program is the online sales management training course every sales manager needs to immediately increase effectiveness and drive sales growth.

The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness is a comprehensive program that will upskill your sales managers so they can be more effective team leaders who can execute your vision and achieve consistent sales growth.

Learn how to help your stressed-out sales managers make the leap to great sales leaders.

Unlike other sales management training programs, The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness covers the full range of skills and leadership abilities needed to turn high-performing salespeople into great sales managers. Here are some highlights of what your sales managers will learn:

  • Building leadership character – develops key leadership mindsets that pave the way for sales manager growth.
  • Taking control of time & priorities – How sales managers can stop wasting time on unproductive tasks so they have more time to coach and communicate with salespeople.
  • Increasing accountability for excellence – Provides tools and strategies for developing a shared vision of sales excellence and then clearly communicating those standards to each salesperson; identifying what each salesperson needs to do to get better.
  • Hiring the best – Develop a playbook for hiring the best sales candidates, and learn important clues to avoid hiring the worst.
  • Coaching for impact – Sales managers are having a lot more online communication with their salespeople in this pandemic era, but they aren’t maximizing the use of that time. In this program, they will learn how to shape more impactful conversations including:
    • pre-call strategizing to improve win rates
    • pipeline coaching for more accurate forecasts
    • skill development coaching that builds loyalty
    • 1-on-1 performance reviews that foster team accountability
    • career development discussions to help retain your best performers
  • Motivating salespeople – Especially now, sales managers have to know how to keep their salespeople motivated without supervision or face-to-face meetings. When a sales manager knows the personal motivators of each sales rep then that manager can communicate in a way that inspires each sales rep to work harder, independently.
  • Linking plans to priority outcomes – With all of the day-to-day distractions that sales managers deal with, it is especially important for them to have a team development plan with clearly defined priorities. That way, they can resist the temptation to get distracted and keep themselves focused on what matters most – consistent and purposeful coaching and communication.
  • Mastering the art of remote sales management – It’s highly unlikely that sales and sales management will ever return to the level of in-person contact that used to be the norm. Sales managers need to be much more disciplined about what they talk about with their salespeople, and develop a rhythm to their weekly calendars to provide actionable guidance to every salesperson.

Complimentary Lesson on “Deal Coaching”

All the benefits of in-person training with the convenience of online, on-demand instruction

  • The program is divided into 36 lessons, each lasting a little over 8 minutes on average. Sales managers can complete these lessons at their own pace, on their own time, with 24/7 access on any device.
  • Options for delivery include
    • self-directed instruction
    • facilitated delivery for groups, supported by the program creator, Kevin F. Davis
    • facilitated delivery for groups, supported by your own internal trainers (using our train-the-trainer package)
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Client Testimonials

Extremely well done! The videos are super high quality, and the content is great. I really like the layout – allows me to apply each lesson immediately.

Barry ColemanBarry Coleman, Senior Vice President, Pacific Premier Bank

This is a highly engaging course that provides a systematic approach for managing a sales team. The structure of each module: short video lesson, activity, and knowledge check at the end of each module is extremely effective.

Dmitry KhmelDmitry Khmel, Channel Management Department Manager, Moxa Europe

I loved this course because I learned so much! It has a lot of real-life examples included by the presenter that helped me to relate the program content to real-life situations. The short 10-minute lessons make it easy to complete the course in the normal flow of work.

Brittany OakesBrittany Oakes, Dealer Development Specialist at John Deere
Kevin Davis

About Kevin F. Davis, Founder and President of TopLine Leadership, Inc.

Kevin F. Davis is the president of TopLine Leadership and author of three sales books.

Over the past 25 years, more than 20,000 sales managers from many of the world’s most successful companies have attended Kevin’s 2-day workshop on sales management leadership.

Kevin is the author of three books:

  • Getting Into Your Customer’s Head
  • Slow Down, Sell Faster!: Understand your customer’s buying process and maximize your sales
  • The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness: 10 essential strategies for leading your team to the top

Awards & Recognition

“The Sales Managers Guide to Greatness” book

2018 Axiom Business Book Award Winner, Silver Medal 

Amazon Best Seller in Sales & Selling Management

Amazon Best Seller in Business Leadership Training

Get Started on Leading Your Sales Managers to Greatness

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The price depends on how many sales managers you put through the course at the same time and what kind of delivery options you choose (facilitated vs DIY, for example). Contact us for more information.

What is the total time commitment for my managers?

Most people should be able to complete the program in 8 to 9 hours.

Is this different from VILT (virtual instructor-led training)? Why?

All of the instruction for the program occurs in a series of 36 videos that last just over 8 minutes on average. Participants also have access to application exercises and quizzes.

The videos are accessed through an online learning platform that allows 24/7 access from any device. This allows managers to complete the program at their own pace.

What’s the difference between the DIY and facilitated delivery?

In the DIY version, each participant completes the course at his or her own pace with no interaction with others. In the facilitated versions, there are regular webinars that allow participants to share ideas with each other and engage in discussions relevant to their workplace.

How can I evaluate whether this program is a good fit for my organization?

Start watching the complementary lesson included on this page. Then use our contact form to schedule a 30-minute conversation with the program leader, Kevin F. Davis. If the options you discuss with Kevin sound promising, you’ll be given access to a free sampler program that includes 4 additional complementary lessons.

Is this course relevant to today’s world where most of my sales managers and salespeople are working remotely?

Definitely. There is an entire lesson devoted specifically to that topic in the course. Moreover, effective remote managing needs all the tools and approaches used by in-person managers, only applied with more rigor and discipline.

Can we get progress reports?

Yes, if you choose a facilitated delivery. Twice-monthly reports are included in that package.

Client Testimonials

The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness helped me realize how I can be more effective for ME and my people.
Stuart DouglassStuart Douglass, VP of Sales, iManage

You really knocked it out of the park and our folks desperately needed this. Thank you!!

Eric Bernstein, President, Industrial & Construction, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Provides a complete guide on how to make coaching work, consistently, based on structure, process, and compassion. The guide to action that is included with each module has helped me to put things in place – track, measure and perform continuous improvement.

Juanjo Martinez PaganJuanjo Martinez Pagan, Regional Sales Manager-Cybersecurity, SonicWall