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7 Powerful Sales Questions for Winning More Deals

This article provides seven powerful sales questions along with the reasons why you should ask them. These questions can help you expand customer needs, shift your prospect’s focus from price to value and improve your understanding of the buyer’s thinking. The questions you ask your prospects are more important than anything you say. Here are seven powerful sales questions to help you win every deal.  “In addition to price, what [...]

3 Simple Time Management Tips for Sales Managers

Here are three simple time management tips for sales managers that can help managers to stop getting bogged down by distractions – so managers can focus more on high-value tasks- like sales coaching - that grow sales results.

3 Mindset Changes New Sales Managers Must Make

There is no more difficult career transition than that which occurs when a salesperson becomes a new sales manager. Overnight, the salesperson has gone from being in control of his or her own destiny, to having his/her performance completely defined by the performance of others. This is a stressful time for new sales managers. Senior leadership is asking you, "Where are your team's results?" And as you start to work along [...]

Book Review: “The Perfect Close Workbook” By James Muir

“The Perfect Close Workbook” by James Muir provides a deep dive into one of the most important selling skills: how to conclude each meeting with an agreed-upon next-step that your buyer is strongly bought in to. When I started my career in sales I was taught to ask for the maximum level of customer action commitment at the end of each meeting. For example, “Can we schedule a demonstration?” The [...]

3 Things Strategic Sales Managers Do Differently

Strategic sales managers take time to think critically about the crucial role and responsibility they have for improving their team. Trouble is, most sales managers don't set aside time to think. They are so crazy-busy fighting daily "fires" that it’s easy to skimp on the strategic thinking front. Harvard guru Michael Porter defines "strategy" as doing things that set yourself apart from the competition. And the "competition" for you consists [...]

How to Confront an Under-Performing Salesperson

Have you ever been frustrated by a thickheaded sales rep whom you’ve coached over and over again but they simply don’t get the message? Or by a sales rep who simply refuses to acknowledge that their behavior is a problem? Here are seven tips for how to confront an under-performing salesperson. Timely: Act as soon as you notice that the under-performing salesperson has failed to address a problem you’ve previously [...]

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