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11Mar, 19

3 Things Strategic Sales Managers Do Differently

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Strategic sales managers take time to think critically about the crucial role and responsibility they have for improving their team. Trouble is, most sales managers don't set aside time to think. They are so crazy-busy fighting daily "fires" that it’s easy to skimp on the strategic thinking front. Harvard guru Michael Porter defines "strategy" as doing things that set yourself apart from the competition. And the "competition" for you consists [...]

9Dec, 18

How to Confront an Under-Performing Salesperson

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Have you ever been frustrated by a thickheaded sales rep whom you’ve coached over and over again but they simply don’t get the message? Or by a sales rep who simply refuses to acknowledge that their behavior is a problem? Here are seven tips for how to confront an under-performing salesperson. Timely: Act as soon as you notice that the under-performing salesperson has failed to address a problem you’ve previously [...]

7Nov, 18

5 Important Things Successful Sales Managers Do Differently

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Successful sales managers recognize that while they likely have the best sales skills of anyone on their team, the key question is not how good a salesperson they are. Instead, the crucial question is how effective that sales manager is at coaching salespeople to learn what the manager already knows about selling. Here are 5 important things that successful sales managers do differently to achieve better sales coaching outcomes. Say [...]

20Aug, 18

Hiring Salespeople: 6 Must-Have Techniques for Making Better Hiring Decisions

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Every experienced sales manager knows how costly it is to make a bad hiring decision because that bad hire takes a lot of your time and attention and then doesn’t contribute anything. Here are six “must-have” techniques that successful sales managers can use when hiring salespeople. Ask for a “Memo of Understanding” from the Candidate A VP of Sales for a company with over 500 salespeople told me recently [...]

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