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9Dec, 18

How to Confront an Under-Performing Salesperson

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Have you ever been frustrated by a thickheaded sales rep whom you’ve coached over and over again but they simply don’t get the message? Or by a sales rep who simply refuses to acknowledge that their behavior is a problem? Here are seven tips for how to confront an under-performing salesperson. Timely: Act as soon as you notice that the under-performing salesperson has failed to address a problem you’ve previously [...]

7Nov, 18

5 Important Things Successful Sales Managers Do Differently

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Successful sales managers recognize that while they likely have the best sales skills of anyone on their team, the key question is not how good a salesperson they are. Instead, the crucial question is how effective that sales manager is at coaching salespeople to learn what the manager already knows about selling. Here are 5 important things that successful sales managers do differently to achieve better sales coaching outcomes. Say [...]

20Aug, 18

Hiring Salespeople: 6 Must-Have Techniques for Making Better Hiring Decisions

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Every experienced sales manager knows how costly it is to make a bad hiring decision because that bad hire takes a lot of your time and attention and then doesn’t contribute anything. Here are six “must-have” techniques that successful sales managers can use when hiring salespeople. Ask for a “Memo of Understanding” from the Candidate A VP of Sales for a company with over 500 salespeople told me recently [...]

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