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Kevin F. Davis is the author of “The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness: 10 Essential Strategies for Leading Your Team to the Top.”

Keeping it Simple

In the new book Steve Jobs, author Walter Isaacson describes Jobs’ thought process in deciding on the name Apple for his new computer company. His choice was inspired by his association with his newest fruitarian diet and a visit to an apple farm. The concept of an apple farm sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating,” […]

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Maximize Your Sales Coaching Efforts

Here’s a suggestion for you to get more value out of every one of your sales coaching opportunities.

When I’m observing a salesperson interacting with a customer, my focus is to listen, observe, keep my mouth shut, and take notes. What “notes”? I make a list of the specific questions that I would have liked to […]

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Communicate Behavioral Expectations

The Wall Street Journal’s article on Monday by professor/author Robert Sutton, “How a Few Bad Apples Ruin Everything,” provides a good reminder for sales managers to clearly communicate their behavior expectations of their sales force.

As Sutton writes, “Having just a few nasty, lazy or incompetent characters around can ruin the performance of a […]

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Becoming a Flexible Sales Manager

Are you directive, or supportive? A bottom-line driver? Or a cheerleader type? A coach?

Hopefully, you are a combination of all of the above. Being flexible is the key, and your flexibility needs to be rep-specific.

Consider the skill and will of an individual salesperson. What does this rep lack: skill, will, or both? Once you have […]

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TopLine Leadership Releases The Biggest Sales Mistake

“The Single Biggest Sales Mistake”

Identify the 4 Stages of Buying to Increase Sales

September 19, 2011 – Reno, NV – More companies are increasing the quotas for sales people while win rates on new business are at an all-time low. Meanwhile, sales people are faced with an ever-changing landscape including increased product offerings from competitors, the […]

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How to Manage a Prima Donna

Most sales managers I know have a love-hate relationship with the prima donnas on their sales teams. They love the star player’s passion and hard work. They hate the self-centered behaviors that demoralize or discourage the rest of the team.

This puts the sales manager in a quandary. If they come down too hard, the prima […]

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