My Book is a Sales & Marketing Awards Finalist!

I have just heard that my book “Slow Down, Sell Faster!” is a finalist in the annual Sales & Marketing Awards competition for “Top Sales & Marketing Book of 2011.” For those of you that have read my book and liked it you can cast your vote today. Polls are open until December 12th. There are … Read full article

TopLine Leadership Releases New Train-the -Trainer Sales Development Workshop

NEWS RELEASE –August 31st– Reno, NV –     Topline Leadership, Inc. is announcing the release of a train-the-trainer program to accompany its innovative Slow Down, Sell Faster™ sales training.   “Every salesperson today is being urged to make more sales faster,” says Kevin Davis, president of TopLine Leadership and author of the new Slow Down, Sell … Read full article

New Sales Training Program

TopLine Leadership Releases New Slow Down, Sell Faster! Sales Training Program TopLine Leadership is releasing a new sales program based on their groundbreaking sales model that teaches sales people how to get in sync with customer buying. Slow Down, Sell Faster gives salespeople an easy-to-use model for adjusting their sales behavior so they can connect … Read full article

Sales Training For Success

Keep close contact with the customer, especially when they are in a comparison mode (evaluating solutions from multiple vendors). If you are asked to deliver a proposal or presentation, the odds are high that the customer is asking other vendors as well. Talk to your sponsor ahead of time to see if anything has changed. … Read full article

Sales Book Review from has posted a review of “Slow Down, Sell Faster!” From the review: “The book is best suited to B2B salespeople selling large-ticket items. Most B2C salespeople and small price, high-volume salespeople won’t get much from it. Davis teaches some excellent strategies on handling what he calls the Complex Buying Team: the group of decision … Read full article

New Sales Training Program Now Available

In our new “Slow Down, Sell Faster!” sales training workshop your salespeople will learn how to help your customers through each step of their buying process faster, and with the odds shifted in your favor. Call us today for more information: 775-849-8600

Slow Down Your Sales Process

Salespeople are under tremendous pressure these days to sell more and sell faster. Many sales managers harp on salespeople to close more deals, and push the customer along faster and faster. But what matters isn’t what we are doing in our sales process. It’s what the customer is doing in their buying process. Ironically, that … Read full article

Sales Technique for Getting What You Want

What do you do with a prospect who says, “Show me what you’ve got” the moment you walk in the door? This is a very direct prospect who may have already spent considerable time analyzing his or her own needs, either alone or with your competitor. There are two ways to handle this situation. First, … Read full article

Secret to Writing Proposals

What’s the secret to writing proposals and presentations that will stand out from your competitors? Provide clear descriptions of the prospect’s problems, challenges, or opportunities you’ve seen (using the customer’s language) and link your differentiating capabilities to the specific needs of that prospect. Do not simply provide generic statements of benefits.

Sales Skills to Master in Sales Training

In a complex sale, the vast majority of the sale takes place when you’re not there, when individuals on the buying team communicate with each other. Therefore, you want the people on a Complex Buying Team to be selling you to each other. And that requires that you learn how to identify and deal with … Read full article