Asking for Commitment in Business to Business Sales

Three Powerful Ways to Ask for Commitment

When you’re sure all the issues have been resolved, ask for the buyer’s business. You’ve earned their trust, helped with their recognition of needs, and proven that you and your solution are best. Chances are, your buyer is waiting for you to ask for the business, and you certainly don’t want to disappoint. Also, if you don’t ask directly for the business, that may confuse your customer. When you ask for the business, you are also sending the message that you would really to like to work with the customer. Here are 3 non-confrontational ways to ask for the business:

  • At the end of every meeting ask, “What should be our next step?”
  • Give a detailed explanation of what will happen between now and installation, then ask, “Does that sound acceptable to you?”
  • Ask, “Is there any reason why we can’t go ahead with this proposal?”

Using these techniques will help you win more business to business sales.

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Kevin Davis

Kevin F. Davis is the author of The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness”, which was named the 2018 Axiom Business Book Award Winner, Silver Medal. Kevin is also the author of Slow Down, Sell Faster!”.