Supporting your Customer after the Sale

Your customers’ level of satisfaction is based on how they feel about these four questions: 1. Am I achieving the results I expected? 2. Is the product or service performing as expected? 3. Did I pay a fair price? 4. Does the way I’m treated by your support people make me feel important? The first … Read full article

Remove Obstacles for your Sales Team

Are there any barriers to great sales performance that your organization has created for you? If so, how can you remove the obstacles? One way is to improve your energy and desire to excel. Remember, the speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack. A few more successful strategies include: 1) Pay more … Read full article

Develop Improvement Plans for your Salespeople

Salespeople who have “lost the fire” are salespeople who have lost sight of their sales goals, so you must help them see their future more clearly. To create your plan, ask good questions, and really listen. Ask: Why are you selling for a living? What is it that you want, that you don’t currently have? … Read full article

Get into each Salespersons Head

In sales training, don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. Every salesperson is different, with different needs, commitments, motivators, etc. You must build a relationship with each individual on your sales team to get the results you want.

Define Sales Performance Standards

As a salesperson, you have a clear understanding of the sales quota results expected of you, but you’re unsure exactly how to produce those results. So you do what you think you should. You “make it up on the fly.” Then, because nobody tells you you’re doing it wrong you assume it is acceptable behavior. … Read full article

Manage Behaviors and Activities

Many of us sales managers try to manage results. We wait until our sales rep has a bad month before we decide to get involved in “coaching” them. Then, when a rep produces a bad month, we rush over and smother them with our sales coaching trying to get their production back up quickly. Sales … Read full article

Effective Sales Coaches Must Close the Sale

While delivering our Sales Management Leadership workshop recently, a medical equipment sales manager in the audience raised his hand and said, “I see myself as more of a “player-coach.” I asked him to elaborate. He went on to share a recent example when he was working with one of his more productive and experienced salespeople. … Read full article

Make a Good Impression and Close More Sales

People in sales should know the importance of making a good impression: without it you can’t earn the right to do business with people. Each customer contact provides us as sales people the opportunity to make a good impression. Remember the maxim in sales and marketing: the prospect must be touched five to ten times … Read full article

Sales Team Development Plans for Sales Managers

Questions every sales managers should consider in their strategic/team development plan include: Which salesperson is ready to step up and assume the lead role on this team? If I were to set a team goal to increase sales by 30% over the next 12 months, what obstacles would stand in our way? Is there anyone … Read full article

Ask Your Current Clients for Business

People who recently bought from you after scouting the competition are a rich source of information. It’s worth talking to them to see what they can tell you about how your product or service compares to the rest of the market. Ask them if they would explain why they chose you, what strengths they perceived. … Read full article