What Happens When You Do Not Train Your Sales Managers

Situation: a company’s top sales rep is promoted to sales manager, but does not receive sales training on how to perform a sales manager’s duties and responsibilities. Here’s what happens next… Untrained sales managers: Don’t know how to be an effective sales manager, so they continue to do what comes naturally — they continue to … Read full article

How to Yield Big Sales with Healthy Margins

Quick review: there are Three Levels of Management within the Student role you play during Step 1 of the Buying Process. The three levels of Management are: CEO, Core Level, and the Support Level. If you can reach and do business with the CEO, you will discuss issues of competitiveness, cost cutting and efficiencies, and … Read full article

Win-Win Negotiating Skills

Negotiate Price Late in the Sales Process, Never Early There is no reason to discuss price until buying desire has been aroused. If you customer doesn’t need it, any price is too high. Discuss price only when buyers recognize what they need and why the need it. Lowering price does not necessarily make a product … Read full article

Make Customer Satisfaction and Retention the Cornerstone of your Business Strategy

Customers have higher expectations, and more buying power than ever. They have more options as well. Therefore, companies striving to be the best have made customer satisfaction and retention the cornerstone of their business strategy. To achieve business success, the best companies add to this cornerstone product innovation and quality, and a productive and responsive … Read full article

Sales Management Training: Ideas to Motivate Your Team, Part II

Keep a written list of your teammembers’ “bad boss” behaviors. Refer to it often and consider things you may be doing that are similar. Do whatever you can to minimize or eliminate those demotivating behaviors in the future. As Ken Blanchard, author of “The One Minute Manager says, “Catch people doing something right.” Take time … Read full article

Sales Management Training: Ideas to Motivate Your Team, Part I

Listen to others. Listening shows respect… that people and their ideas are important to you. When people know you’re willing to listen, they will share their ideas as well as their frustrations. Listening enables you to build trust, which is essential for creating an elite, high-performance team. Clarify your expectations. Meet with individual team members … Read full article