Sales Management Training: Ideas to Motivate Your Team, Part IV

Hold a contest, for example an afternoon off of work to go golfing as a team.

Set a team goal that must be met for anyone to qualify, then set individual goals

Create an individual development plan for each employee.

Work with team members to create development plans that are customized to each person. The plans should identify things like: current and desired skill strengths; job interests; areas for development and enhancement; and strategies (training, assignments, coaching, etc.) for achieving the next step.

Respect people’s time.

If you expect team members to believe that their work is important, you have to believe it too. More importantly, you have to behave like you believe it! Don’t expect people to drop whatever they’re doing every time you need something. Instead, ask if they have a few minutes to chat. Better yet, ask for a time when they’ll be available to meet with you.

Reward initiative as well as results.

When someone tries something new, or wants to make a positive contribution, recognize their effort. Success may not be immediate, but repeated effort and initiative should count for something.

Add motivational notes to your written internal communications.

Look for opportunities to reinforce individual and team contributions, as well as acknowledge positive things that are happening within the entire organization.

Reserve an hour once or twice each month for people to come together and exchange ideas on any topic they choose.

It might be ways to improve customer service, how to enhance quality, or even where to find the best places for child or elder care. Sharing ideas enhances teamwork and energizes people.

Create games and contests that encourage healthy competition between teams.

Offer prizes for things like met or exceeded sales quotas, reduced absenteeism, improved safety days, received positive customer acknowledgements, etc. Post the on-going results for all to see. Games and contests typically energize people around a challenge. Just be certain to keep the competition positive and constructive. And look for ways to make sure that every team wins something.

Promote your key contributors.

Few things build motivation and a winning attitude more than seeing that good work pays off.

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Kevin Davis

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