Slow Down Sell Faster a New Sales Book

Publication Date: January, 2011 Do your salespeople make this mistake? When a new prospect initiates a call to a salesperson, many salespeople fail to ask one of the most important questions of that prospect: “What steps have you taken thus far in your decision-making process?” It is vitally important for the salesperson to learn what … Read full article

Sales Management Training from TopLine Leadership

Our sales management training program is more comprehensive than other sales management training programs. Others place significant emphasis on a few aspects of the sales managers’ role, such as how to coach the sales process and how to hire salespeople. While our program also includes these necessary modules, we provide much more, simply because the … Read full article

Testimonials from our July Sales Management Workshop

The “overall effectiveness” rating from participants’ program evaluations scored 4.75 out of 5, which equates to a rating of 95%. A few comments from program participants include: A Director of Sales for a digital marketing solutions company headquartered in New York City says: “Kevin kept it lively and engaging. I think good instructors can make … Read full article

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Learn Valuable Sales Management Skills with TopLine Leadership

There are actually 29 specific time-wasters that a lot sales managers suffer from. Sales managers become buried in busy work, putting out fires and feeling overwhelmed. They’re working harder than ever–unable to catch up–and no time for their number 1 priority: sales coaching. The result? The individual on the team with the most highly developed … Read full article

Why Sales Training Initiatives Often Fail

Companies interested in increasing the professionalism and productivity of their sales force often select a sales training program to solve this need. This decision, however, places the cart before the horse. The success of a company’s sales training initiative is absolutely affected, both positively and negatively, by the company’s sales managers’ ability and commitment to … Read full article

What Happens When You Do Not Train Your Sales Managers

Situation: a company’s top sales rep is promoted to sales manager, but does not receive sales training on how to perform a sales manager’s duties and responsibilities. Here’s what happens next… Untrained sales managers: Don’t know how to be an effective sales manager, so they continue to do what comes naturally — they continue to … Read full article

Better questioning creates competitive advantage

Here is one of the most common reasons why competitive sales opportunities are lost – and specifically what you can do to win more often. This is one of the mistakes to avoid if you want to give your competitors fits. Your competitor understands the prospect’s needs better than you do. Sun Tzu wrote his classic book, The Art … Read full article