Keeping it Simple

In the new book Steve Jobs, author Walter Isaacson describes Jobs’ thought process in deciding on the name Apple for his new computer company. His choice was inspired by his association with his newest fruitarian diet and a visit to an apple farm. The concept of an apple farm sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating,” … Read full article

Communicate Behavioral Expectations

The Wall Street Journal’s article on Monday by professor/author Robert Sutton, “How a Few Bad Apples Ruin Everything,” provides a good reminder for sales managers to clearly communicate their behavior expectations of their sales force. As Sutton writes, “Having just a few nasty, lazy or incompetent characters around can ruin the performance of a team … Read full article

12 Sales Management Tips for 2012

Don’t become a “rainbird coach.” I had a neighbor who would wait until his lawn had turned brown, and only then turn on his rainbird water sprinkler. I see a lot of sales managers who act the same way: they wait until there’s a meltdown before coaching their people. Far better for a lawn—and a … Read full article

Becoming a Flexible Sales Manager

Are you directive, or supportive? A bottom-line driver? Or a cheerleader type? A coach? Hopefully, you are a combination of all of the above. Being flexible is the key, and your flexibility needs to be rep-specific. Consider the skill and will of an individual salesperson. What does this rep lack: skill, will, or both? Once … Read full article

Are You Creating Prima Donnas on Your Team?

I published an article early in 2011 about dealing with prima donna salespeople, and got a lot of feedback that the article was very popular online. One of the issues I pointed out in that article is that we sales managers often have a part in creating the prima donnas in the first place. How? … Read full article

3 Questions for Your Next Perfomance Review

If you’re like most sales managers, you’ve either just completed a round of quarterly reviews or have some just around the corner. Here are three questions you should ask each of your salespeople during your next one-on-one: 1. What are you getting from me that you like and find helpful? 2. What are you getting … Read full article

TopLine Leadership Releases New Train-the -Trainer Sales Development Workshop

NEWS RELEASE –August 31st– Reno, NV –     Topline Leadership, Inc. is announcing the release of a train-the-trainer program to accompany its innovative Slow Down, Sell Faster™ sales training.   “Every salesperson today is being urged to make more sales faster,” says Kevin Davis, president of TopLine Leadership and author of the new Slow Down, Sell … Read full article

Sales and Sales Management Training from TopLine Leadership

Since 1989, TopLine Leadership has provided custom sales training and sales management development programs. We serve clients from diverse sectors. Our sales training clients want a new approach to consultative selling,that of selling based on how their customers buy. Our clients want their salespeople to sell in a way that’s much different than how their … Read full article

What we do at TopLine Leadership

Sales Manager Development While most sales management training is narrowly focused on teaching managers to guide salespeople through a specific sales process, Kevin’s program is much broader. Sales managers will learn why and how to: Eliminate interruptions and free up time for more one-on-one coaching Coach salespeople early in the sales process, not just at … Read full article