“Why 50% of buying decisions fail”

Paul Nutt, author of Why Decisions Fail, studied 400 decisions made by senior executives in medium and large businesses. Decisions studied include Disney’s EuroDisney failure, various components of the Denver International Airport construction, etc. Nutt’s research found that fully half of the decisions had failed. A decision “failure” was defined as a decision that either … Read full article

Seven Steps to Building a Winning Sales Organization

Is your sales team performing far below potential? Mine was. As a first-time sales manager many years ago, my office ranked dead-last out of 64 offices. We had ten salespeople, nine of whom had less than one year of sales experience with our company and were performing far below standards. The lone exception was Norm, … Read full article

Sales Results

Sales Results = What you do? + How you do it? First, let’s look at how you sell relates to the care you show the customer during the sales cycle.  Since customer care is now a commodity, how you do things is no longer a source of differentiation.  That leaves what you do on each … Read full article

Getting in Sync With Your Customer

I have a book published by Harvard Business Review titled Business Classics: Fifteen Key Concepts for Managerial Success.  The book contains the 15 articles in HBR’s history that have sold the most reprints.  One article, published in 1964, was titled, “What Makes a Good Salesman,” by David Mayer and Herbert Greenberg.  The author’s research found … Read full article

Customer Care

All experienced salespeople are skilled at communicating care for the customer during the sales cycle.  It is still true that for some (and indeed, far too many) salespeople, customer care is a hypocrisy: they pretend to care about the customers’ needs when in fact they do not.  They have become extremely effective at creating the … Read full article

What Happens When You Do Not Train Your Sales Managers

Situation: a company’s top sales rep is promoted to sales manager, but does not receive sales training on how to perform a sales manager’s duties and responsibilities. Here’s what happens next… Untrained sales managers: Don’t know how to be an effective sales manager, so they continue to do what comes naturally — they continue to … Read full article

Tip of the Month from Kevin Davis

Mistake #9 Inconsistent recruiting and selection program. We have all hire somebody that didn’t work out the way we thought they would, so we all know the cost of a bad hiring decision….or do we? What about those candidates that we don’t hire? I learned this lesson years ago when I rejected on particular candidate … Read full article

Preparing to Sell at the C-Level

Most C-Level decision makers are sick of educating sales people about his or her business. This explains why breaking into that level of an organization can be difficult. In order to sell at the C-Level, you have to fully understand the world of the typical CEO, CIO or CFO. Knowing their world involves knowing the … Read full article

Sales Roles: The Therapist

“Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” Frederick Wilcox Your prospect now enters the Buy stage of the process, having completed the Need and Learn stages. In the Buy stage the prospect first experiences fear, putting the brakes to the whole deal. Eventually, if you pay your … Read full article

How to Yield Big Sales with Healthy Margins

Quick review: there are Three Levels of Management within the Student role you play during Step 1 of the Buying Process. The three levels of Management are: CEO, Core Level, and the Support Level. If you can reach and do business with the CEO, you will discuss issues of competitiveness, cost cutting and efficiencies, and … Read full article