How to Sell More

Ask any experienced salesperson to describe to you the steps of his or her sales process and you will get a clear and concise answer.  Salespeople know the steps of their selling process.  The result is that during the sales process salespeople tend to think about what they’ve been taught – the steps of the … Read full article

Your Customer’s Sixth Step: Commitment

Throughout the first five steps of the buy-learning process, your prospects’ focus has been on achieving value. They have examined their problems, determined the problems’ seriousness, and examined the alternatives. They have a well-defined expectation of value because their attention has been on the benefits they will enjoy by purchasing. Now, in Step 6, Commitment, … Read full article

Advanced Sales Techniques for Salespeople and Sales Managers

Many salespeople are not getting inside the buyer’s mind. Too often, salespeople focus on their sales processes and objectives, without carefully considering how people make purchase decisions. Consequently, salespeople proceed too quickly: they push. Buyers hate “pushy” salespeople. Pushy salespeople reap a huge harvest of objections from buyers. The sales process then becomes a struggle … Read full article

Make Customer Satisfaction and Retention the Cornerstone of your Business Strategy

Customers have higher expectations, and more buying power than ever. They have more options as well. Therefore, companies striving to be the best have made customer satisfaction and retention the cornerstone of their business strategy. To achieve business success, the best companies add to this cornerstone product innovation and quality, and a productive and responsive … Read full article

Building Value into the Relationship for the Long Term

Your client has certain expectations of you and your product or service. If their expectations are met, or exceeded, they will be satisfied. Simple. Not always. For your product to be successfully implemented into the client’s daily working life, the client must move through a learning process. This process can be described through five phases, … Read full article