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About Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is president of TopLine Leadership, Inc., a leading sales and sales management training company serving clients from diverse sectors. He is the author of two books on sales effectiveness: “Slow Down, Sell Faster!” (Amacom, January 2011) and “Getting Into Your Customer’s Head” (Random House, 1996) Contact him at [email protected]

3 Questions for Your Next Perfomance Review

If you’re like most sales managers, you’ve either just completed a round of quarterly reviews or have some just around the corner. Here are three questions you should ask each of your salespeople during your next one-on-one:

1. What […]

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TopLine Leadership Releases New Train-the -Trainer Sales Development Workshop

NEWS RELEASE –August 31st– Reno, NV –     Topline Leadership, Inc. is announcing the release of a train-the-trainer program to accompany its innovative Slow Down, Sell Faster™ sales training.

“Every salesperson today is being urged to make more sales faster,” says Kevin Davis, president of TopLine Leadership and author […]

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Sales Training Tip #2

Don’t just dance with the one who brung ya! Most major purchasing decisions these days are made by a team of people. You can hit a lot of speed bumps if all your knowledge comes from only one customer contact. Identify all the decision makers on the buying team. Ask your contact, “What other key […]

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Sales Training Tip #1

Avoid talking too soon about your solution. That just gives your competitors an edge because the customer is likely in the middle of their buying process. Essentially, you reach the end of your sales process just as the customer arrives at the point when they start comparison shopping. Instead, early in the sales process get […]

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Sales Training for Success

It’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate yourself based on what you sell because products and services are becoming increasingly alike.

Today’s most successful salespeople and organizations know they need to stand out based on how they sell.

Salespeople who slow down each sales conversation end up spending more time with each prospect. Now, when […]

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Sales Training To Value Your Solution

Are your customers undervaluing your solution?

I’ll assume that you set a fair price for the solution you offer to your customers. If they spend a lot of time trying to negotiate that price down, then the real issue may be that they don’t value your solution

That’s a problem that’s your fault, not theirs. You haven’t […]

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New Sales Training Program

TopLine Leadership Releases New Slow Down, Sell Faster! Sales Training Program

TopLine Leadership is releasing a new sales program based on their groundbreaking sales model that teaches sales people how to get in sync with customer buying.

Slow Down, Sell Faster gives salespeople an easy-to-use model for adjusting their sales behavior so they can connect to […]

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Sales Training For Success

Keep close contact with the customer, especially when they are in a comparison mode (evaluating solutions from multiple vendors).

If you are asked to deliver a proposal or presentation, the odds are high that the customer is asking other vendors as well. Talk to your sponsor ahead of time to see if anything has changed.

Immediately after […]

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Sales Book Review from has posted a review of “Slow Down, Sell Faster!”

From the review:

“The book is best suited to B2B salespeople selling large-ticket items. Most B2C salespeople and small price, high-volume salespeople won’t get much from it. Davis teaches some excellent strategies on handling what he calls the Complex Buying Team: the group of […]

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New Sales Training Program Now Available

In our new “Slow Down, Sell Faster!” sales training workshop your salespeople will learn how to help your customers through each step of their buying process faster, and with the odds shifted in your favor.

Call us today for more information: 775-849-8600

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