Why Leadership Development Often Fails

I just completed reading an informative article from MIT’s Sloan Management Review titled, “Why Leadership Development Efforts Fail.” The article states that too often companies go out looking for the next leadership fad – for example, the author of the newest book on the business bestseller list – and then they end up with a … Read full article

Big buying decisions can be made on seemingly minor issues

A friend of mine sells voice recording systems for emergency 911 centers. One “minor” difference between his system and those of competitors is that his system has been approved by Underwriters Laboratories. For years, my friend and his fellow salespeople made nothing of this differentiator. Then one diligent salesperson was carefully studying her prospect’s cost … Read full article

Better questioning creates competitive advantage

Here is one of the most common reasons why competitive sales opportunities are lost – and specifically what you can do to win more often. This is one of the mistakes to avoid if you want to give your competitors fits. Your competitor understands the prospect’s needs better than you do. Sun Tzu wrote his classic book, The Art … Read full article

Why Your Team Needs a “Sales Constitution”

For over 200 years the US Constitution has served as the system of fundamental laws and principles of our society. This amazing document has served as the cornerstone of our democracy. A reflection of our Founding Fathers’ core values, the Constitution has kept our society on track since 1787, and has certainly contributed significantly to … Read full article

Raise the Bar

Great managers enlist their teams in striving to raise the bar of standards in the work place. There are several reasons why this is important, but one of the best reasons for this management intention is that complacency encourages entropy and acceivement perpetuates development-employee satisfaction.