New Sales Book by Kevin Davis

I’ve written a new sales book: Slow Down, Sell Faster!

The book will be available January 2011.

About Slow Down, Sell Faster!

Faster sales pitches won’t lead to faster sales. The key to speeding up the sales process is to actually slow down and get in sync with your customer’s buying process.

Customers don’t care about your selling process. They are moving through their own buying process, a set of predictable steps that doesn’t match how most salespeople sell. With the highly effective techniques in Slow Down, Sell Faster!, you’ll learn how to help your customers through each step of their buying process faster, and with the odds shifted in your favor.

This eight-step method unleashes the power of slowing down each sales conversation, asking more questions, identifying needs, and supplying solutions—in the right sequence, with the right approaches. It’s an especially effective formula for high-stakes sales involving multiple decision-makers that delivers big rewards.

Kevin Davis

Kevin F. Davis is the author of The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness”, which was named the 2018 Axiom Business Book Award Winner, Silver Medal. Kevin is also the author of Slow Down, Sell Faster!”.