4 Crucial Coaching Questions for Pre Call Planning

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In my most recent blog, I wrote about the perils of doing only (or primarily) performance reviews with reps, where you look at numbers after the fact. To see improved results, you have to get involved with their sales process much earlier on. That means being a better coach before they pick up the phone … Read full article

What Does “Understand the Customer’s Buying Process” Really Mean for Your Salespeople?

Many thought leaders today are talking about the importance of understanding your customer’s buying process, and aligning your sales strategy accordingly. But what does that mean? Pam, a sales manager for a leading office technology solutions provider, received an RFP for an opportunity to sell 600 monitors to a healthcare facility with 20 locations. The … Read full article

4 Tips for Sales Coaching & Leadership

Communicating clearly to your salespeople the specific behaviors and activities that you both want and need for sales success is essential for sales coaching. Here’s a quick exercise to test common understanding. Send out an email to your sales team and ask, “In regards to the first meeting with a new prospect, what specific behaviors … Read full article