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Reps get stuck in a self-focused way of thinking about the sales process.Make a fundamental change to look at it as a “buying process” vs. a “sales process.”
Reps spill too much, too soon.Slow down conversations to develop more urgent needs, then understand and influence buying criteria.
Reps present solutions without understanding the needs of 2nd & 3rd decision-makers, so promising deals collapse.Employ techniques to gain access to 2nd & 3rd decision-makers. Probe for all “wish lists” to present more targeted solutions.
Promising 1st meeting with prospect but then nothing happens.Back the customer up;   ask more questions to define urgent “why change” needs.
Frequent price wars with competitors due to poor competitive selling skills.Provide a method for evaluating and strengthening competitive position.
Major prospect goes “radio silent” at the 11th hour.Training that helps reps anticipate and deal with customer fear as the buying decision approaches. Better buying cycle management by reps.
Forecasted deals don’t close due to intuition-driven sales forecasting.To improve forecast accuracy, align reps on buyer-focused pipeline defined by evidence of customer actions.
Many sales training programs are complicated and cumbersome, so reps don’t use them!Use our  simple application tools and reinforcement which leads to higher adoption rates.

TopLine delivered their program with great skill and passion. Our salespeople were impressed that TopLine understood our business and could speak our language.

– Patrick Conte, EVP of Sales, Accellion

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