Tailoring our programs to fit your ever-changing business needs.

It’s no secret that training programs tailored to your business needs will help meet more of your objectives. At TopLine Leadership, we are committed to providing you with sales training and sales management training programs that truly fit your unique environment. At the simple end of the spectrum, we can change language and terminology to match your company’s standards. We also can incorporate examples that you provide into our courses and training materials, and we can develop more sophisticated customization. Expanded customization normally includes up-front research so that we can better understand the needs of your staff and the challenges they face. This often comprises:

  • Conducting in-depth interviews of sales reps and sales managers,
  • Conducting a Performer Analysis with both top and average sales performers, and/or
  • An analysis of sales proposals and presentations.

This hands-on contact helps us develop custom case studies and exercises for the training as well as customized implementation tools (such as our Sales Playbook for salespeople and Success Profiles for sales managers). We also will know which components of our programs to emphasize and which can be shortened or skipped. Customization is about “fit and finish.” We want to work with you to improve the fit so the finish far exceeds your expectations. The result will be greater program impact, higher adoption rates, and improved sales results.

While the content of the training was excellent, it was TopLine’s ability to customize it to Holland’s business model and market segment that made it resonate with our Sales team. In addition to the training courses, we have found that the e-learning modules and reinforcement webinars have cemented new habits that are increasing sales attainments.

Sonny Catlett, Director of Sales Operations, Holland Transportation

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