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A recent research report from the Sales Management Association* found that sales coaching training is a high-yield investment. Firms that were able to help their sales managers through sales coaching training realized annual revenue growth nearly 17% higher.

TopLine Leadership’s Sales Coaching & Leadership course is a sales coaching training program that provides sales managers with the skills, tools and strategies essential to achieving the topline growth that daily sales coaching has been proven to provide.

How You Will Benefit from Sales Coaching Training

Every sales manager in your company, whether a rookie or seasoned vet, will benefit from our comprehensive sales coaching training program.

Our sales coaching training program will help you implement a consistent system for all sales managers. It will help your sales managers recognize that leading a sales team requires a completely different mindset from selling. Every participant will leave with an action plan that will help them:

  • Allocate their time more effectively by determining priorities
  • Identify high-payoff sales coaching candidates
  • Improve their sales coaching skills
  • Increase win rates and raise forecast accuracy by implementing a buying-focused sales funnel
  • Develop and enforce standards of excellence, not just minimum levels of sales performance
  • Diagnose performance issues
  • Confront under-performers and coach troubled talent
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Boost team morale and energize their team

Why this Program Works

Proven & measured results – Many months after our sales coaching training program, our clients have measured results. Read these success stories.

Content match – every portion of the program connects with a problem your sales managers know they face every day. View the sales management problems we solve.

Tools – a total of 18 application tools that can be customized. These tools provide managers with the support they need to implement immediately.

Robust reinforcement program – includes eLearning, webinars, a refresher workshop and instructor-led coaching.

Expert delivery – watch a live clip from a recent workshop below.

  The TopLine Sales Coaching & Leadership course is the most complete and coherent sales management training I have seen after 25 years in the telecommunications industry. The content is excellent, their delivery is top shelf, and the tools and follow up insure proof of learning and adoption.  
- Mark O'Leary, Division Vice President, Enterprise Business Services, Comcast Business

Who is the program for?

  • Sales managers
  • Sales VPs or directors
  • Aspiring sales leaders


We tailor our Sales Coaching Training program to meet your ever-changing business needs. Learn more about our customization process.

How We Deliver

2-day on-site, open enrollment, and train-the-trainer.

Program Content

The Power of the Sales Leadership Mindset

  • Introduction/Program Overview
  • Definition of Sales Coaching
  • Become your own observer
  • Understand how 8 instincts you developed as a sales rep can cripple your effectiveness as a sales manager
  • Define the steps you will take to overcome these sales rep instincts.

Train Your Sales Managers

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Take Control of Your Time

  • Reactive vs. proactive: understand what keeps you trapped in a fire-fighting mode
  • Exercise: The benefits of being proactive & consequences of reactive
  • How to separate the important from the urgent
  • Exercise: 7 deadly timewasters for sales managers and how to control them
  • Exercise: “Triage” your time to maximize ROI on your coaching investment

Field a Better Sales Team

  • Define your standards of excellent performance
  • “Success Profile” – have you been missing something?
  • How to implement your new team culture of continuous improvement
  • Use your Success Profile to improve your recruiting & selection of new reps
  • Interviewing skills: how to distinguish the eagles from the turkeys

Improve Your Communication Flexibility

  • Understanding the DISC system
  • Adapting your communication style to better match reps’ needs

C.O.A.C.H. for Success: Commit; then Observe, Assess, Consult and Help

  • The 10 biggest mistakes sales coaches make
  • How to diagnose a performance problem
  • The COACH role plays
  • Root causes of sales process problems
  • Becoming a better field sales coach

Sales Opportunity Coaching

  • Typical problems with sales forecasting
  • Review of your current sales funnel
  • Bringing in the customer’s viewpoint: How a buying-cycle-focus can prevent CRM from being used by sales managers as a “police tool,” and instead improves sales team development.
  • Funnel exit criteria: linking buyer actions to your sales process
  • Improved sales funnel coaching: preventing “leaky funnels”

Sales Skills & Process Mastery

  • Assessing sales process deficiencies
  • The sales process coaching Tool
  • Identify your team’s skill and will development needs
  • TopLine’s Tools: “Coaching Needs Analysis” and “Sales Process Coaching Tool” to define your sales team development plan
  • How to confront a problem performer

Motivate & Energize Your Team

  • How to identify de-motivators with your leadership style
  • Drive the 4 sales rep motivators that matter

Become More Future Focused

  • Exercise: Identify strategies you can use to engage your team in pursuing your vision
  • Finalize Your Action Plan – The Sales Manager’s Planning Tool

“Research Brief: Support Sales Coaching,” The Sales Management Association (November 2015)