CRM Sales Playbook

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Customized Sales Playbook + Your CRM = Improved Implementation & Results

TopLine Leadership’s Slow Down, Sell Faster! sales model has proven to be highly effective in helping sales reps get better results. But it is always a challenge for reps to apply what they learn in the classroom to their everyday tasks and for managers to help guide that implementation.

Example metrics - Accurate Forecasting 77% Insight Sales Score, Sales Effectiveness 84% Discovery CompletnessNo more! Our new CRM Sales Playbook app makes implementation, coaching, opportunity management, sales process consistency, and forecasting much easier and more reliable.

The CRM Sales Playbook scores each phase, so salespeople get immediate feedback on how well they’ve fulfilled the competencies needed at each step of selling. That keeps them focused on applying best practices they learned in the training.

Compatible with SalesForce or any other leading CRM platform

Product Overview

Most CRM tools are built solely around tracking actions that sales reps complete, not tracking what actions the CUSTOMER has taken. That means forecasts are based on sales rep intuition not customer behavior—which is why so many forecasts fall short.

To guide sales process improvement and increase confidence in forecasts, our CRM Sales Playbook app combines the following information:

  1. The Slow Down, Sell Faster! sales process that describes questions sales reps should ask at each stage of the buying cycle
  2. Your own customized advice for implementation (your Sales Playbook) that describes best practices and provides scripts at key points for salespeople
  3. Exit criteria that describe actions your customers have to complete before a deal moves to the  next step in the funnel
  4. Your CRM platform


CRM03_CRM SupportThese elements come together to create a step-by-step guide for opportunity management—customized to your needs—that helps sales reps know what to do at each step, what questions to ask, how to capture the information, and what to do next.

Reps and managers alike have access to numerous implementation aids that help them seamlessly integrate the Slow Down, Sell Faster! model into their daily work.

The result? Your sales teams will be more motivated to use the CRM Sales Playbook – and you’ll achieve higher CRM adoption rates – because they will experience the value it provides: better forecasting, improved sales process consistency, improved stage conversion performance, and better sales coaching.

Our CRM Sales Playbook app is a great way to make sure that our Slow Down, Sell Faster! sales training and Sales Coaching & Leadership sales management programs take root into the daily practice of your sales force.

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Improved Accountability and Sales Coaching, Step by Step

Many companies want to increase rep accountability for implementing the sales process and give sales managers more data for shaping effective sales coaching strategies. The CRM Sales Playbook is designed specifically with those goals in mind.

Each rep is scored on how well they complete each step of selling—with documentation on why a particular score is assigned.


This gives sales managers greater visibility into the status and progress for each opportunity, and helps them identify specific problems at each stage of the sales process.