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Every Conversation With a Rep Is a Coaching Opportunity

As I’m sure you know from personal experience, the single biggest complaint that sales managers make is their lack of time for coaching their reps. Developing clear priorities and managing your time better is, of course, a big part of the solution.

A completely different tactic is summarized in a comment that a client recently made […]

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The Costly Impact of Untrained Sales Managers

According to the Sales Management Association’s March 2016 Research Report titled “Sales Manager Training,” 41% of companies participating in the survey had allocated zero budget for sales manager training. And of the 59% who did have a budget, half of those companies were delivering only generic management training—nothing specific to leading a sales team.

This is […]

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5 Questions to Improve a Rep’s Proposals and Presentations

This blog is part of TopLine Leadership’s series called Sales Coaching 101. On the first Tuesday of every month, we’ll cover a fundamental skill that helps sales managers interact more effectively with their sales reps.

Many salespeople miss the mark in their proposals and presentations. They’ve been taught that they want to position their company as […]

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Sales Managers Need To Prioritize This One Thing To Drive Revenue Growth

The executive sales team at a start-up company recently challenged my contention that sales managers should be spending as much (if not more) time on developmental coaching as they do on account management.

The message I got from the executives was: “We’re a young company. We can’t do anything if we don’t have immediate revenue […]

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It’s Better for Sales Managers to Avoid Multitasking Than to Master It

Every time I ask a group of sales managers what their single biggest challenge is, at least half say “time management.” They describe being inundated with calls, emails, texts, requests from their reps and others outside their department, and on and on.

I talk often about how the skills that make people successful as sales reps […]

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3 Ways to Tell If You’re a Sales Coach or Just a Critic

I’ve discovered in recent years that it’s not enough for me to ask sales managers if they are coaching their team. Everyone answers “yes”— though most admit they’d like to have time to do more! But then when I probe further, I find that their understanding of “coaching” and my understanding are vastly different.

In my […]

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