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Teaching the 4 Basic Skills of Value Selling

This blog is part of TopLine Leadership’s new series called Sales Coaching 101. On the first Tuesday of every month, we’ll cover a fundamental skill that helps sales managers interact more effectively with their sales reps.


Learning how to sell value is critical in today’s market. To be effective at this task, salespeople need to be […]

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4 Things The Best Sales Managers Always Avoid

In my workshops with sales managers—former reps promoted into leadership positions—I always ask them to think back over their career and identify their “worst boss ever.” Here are the four most common types of managers that fall into that category and examples of their behaviors.

The Passive-Aggressive Manager — The most frequent “worst boss” that I […]

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Every Conversation With a Rep Is a Coaching Opportunity

As I’m sure you know from personal experience, the single biggest complaint that sales managers make is their lack of time for coaching their reps. Developing clear priorities and managing your time better is, of course, a big part of the solution.

A completely different tactic is summarized in a comment that a client recently made […]

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The Costly Impact of Untrained Sales Managers

According to the Sales Management Association’s March 2016 Research Report titled “Sales Manager Training,” 41% of companies participating in the survey had allocated zero budget for sales manager training. And of the 59% who did have a budget, half of those companies were delivering only generic management training—nothing specific to leading a sales team.

This is […]

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