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Forget the Cape: How sales managers can thrive even if they aren’t superhuman

With the revenues of the company resting on their shoulders and the constant demands for their attention, sales managers often feel they have to be superhuman.

Unfortunately, we all know that’s not possible. That’s why sales managers have to develop skills that will help them focus themselves and their reps on what’s most important (meaning what […]

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Are You Making the Top 3 Sales Coaching Mistakes?

We all have made mistakes as sales managers. Yet, there are certain sales coaching mistakes that I hear about time and again in my sales management workshops, mistakes that are damaging to team performance.

Sales managers make these costly mistakes because they lack an understanding of how managing and leading a sales team requires a completely […]

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The Best Way to Increase Your Sales Team’s Win Rate

I’ve become a strong champion of having companies convert their selling-focused sales funnel or CRM to a buying-behavior-focused model. By that I mean instead of tracking the steps of selling that your salespeople take (e.g., qualify, I.D. needs, present, etc.), they track the steps of buying that customers go through. There are many benefits to […]

2017-06-01T11:00:10+00:00 April 20th, 2017|Sales Leadership Blog|1 Comment

What’s the Best Use Of Your Coaching Time?

A research report from the Sales Management Association (SMA) published in late 2015 concluded that coaching improvement is high-yield. The firms included in the research that were able to help their managers deliver high-quality coaching to salespeople realized annual revenue growth nearly 17% higher than those that did not provide good support for managers.

The SMA report […]

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Making Uncoachable Sales Reps Coachable

One common question I’m asked when I conduct sales management training sessions is about how to handle salespeople who do well selling, but are seemingly uncoachable. This is a common issue that needs to be addressed since, just as good attitudes are contagious, so are poor ones.

Whenever I’m asked this question, I always first advise […]

2017-06-01T11:00:10+00:00 March 9th, 2017|Sales Leadership Blog|1 Comment