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Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in sales. He has worked his way up from sales rep, to sales manager, to general manager, and is the author of “The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness: 10 Essential Strategies for Leading Your Team to the Top.” The book is available for purchase on

Does Improved Productivity Start with You or Your Team?

Andy Paul, the host of the sales improvement podcast Accelerate!, reminded me on a recent interview about how sales managers are constantly being told to “improve the productivity of their sales team.” Then he asked me whether that improvement should start with the individual salespeople or with the sales manager.

My answer is that it […]

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3 Habits of a Great Sales Coach

One question I ask in all my seminars is “what is ineffective coaching?” Participants have no trouble coming up with lots of examples. They talk about managers who wait too long before addressing a problem, those who do all the talking and no listening, and those who do not attempt to gain buy-in for needed […]

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3 Essential Steps For Improving Attitudes On Your Sales Team

As I wrote about last week, the majority of sales managers recognize the importance of attitude or “wills” in determining sales rep success. But few have been taught how to identify, evaluate, and coach attitudes.

Here are three steps that are essential for moving in that direction.

Step 1: Identify the behavioral aspects of a “great […]

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Giving Sales Rep Attitude Its Due

Last year, I delivered a webinar to combined audiences of 295 sales managers. One of the poll questions I asked was “what percentage of your performance problems do you think are due to poor attitude or ‘wills’?”

The most common answer by far was “50-75%”— and overall, nearly 3/4s of the audience attributed a significant portion […]

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