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What’s the Best Use Of Your Coaching Time?

A research report from the Sales Management Association (SMA) published in late 2015 concluded that coaching improvement is high-yield. The firms included in the research that were able to help their managers deliver high-quality coaching to salespeople realized annual revenue growth nearly 17% higher than those that did not provide good support for managers.

The SMA report […]

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Making Uncoachable Sales Reps Coachable

One common question I’m asked when I conduct sales management training sessions is about how to handle salespeople who do well selling, but are seemingly uncoachable. This is a common issue that needs to be addressed since, just as good attitudes are contagious, so are poor ones.

Whenever I’m asked this question, I always first advise […]

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What Makes a Great Sales Coach?

While being a good coach might not be a bad thing, a positive trend that I’m seeing in the sales managers with whom I work is an aspiration for greatness. Here are five key traits that separate a good coach from a great one.

1) External focus – While a good sales coach has a strong […]

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3 Tips for Hiring Great Salespeople

With the New Year just around the corner, many sales managers are thinking about what they can do to improve team performance in 2017. And for many, the answer lies in hiring new people.

Every experienced sales manager knows that a bad hiring decision is costly in many ways. If you hire the wrong person, you’ve […]

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Upgrade the Attitude of Your Sales Team Now!

What is the sales performance problem?

In a webinar I gave recently, 75% of the 150+ sales managers who attended indicated that a significant portion of the performance issues they face on their team are due to bad rep attitudes—or what I call a sales rep’s “willingness problems” (to contrast them with “skill deficiencies”).

Why is the […]

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Do Your Salespeople Know How to Get Better?

During a recent webinar I delivered for sales managers, nearly half (46%) of the 150+ participants said that they struggle with focusing too much on results. Sounds odd, doesn’t it, for sales managers to think they are over-focused on results?

Not really.

One person who knew a lot about winning was famed college basketball coach John Wooden. […]

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